Release Announcement


Authentication, Universal Plug-N-Play, and remote upgrades are included. The focus of this release has been on ease-of-use options that make it easier to install, configure, and use the Karen runtime.

  • Build method shell scripts
  • PyPi build method shell scripts
  • UPNP server and client libraries for brain auto-detection
  • API key-based authentication for communication between devices/brain
  • User/Password authentication for web portal
  • Remote upgrade capability for containers and devices
  • Ability to execute karen as a module with “python -m”
  • Moved model files to “~/.karen” directory for easier access and upgradability
  • Standardized color pallette in panel for switch class
  • Documentation on setting up virtual environment for installation
  • Documentation on Raspberry Pi issues with FANN2 library and Python bindings
  • Download Modules function within karen base for easier calling
  • Fix for missing self.thread object in container class
  • Updated start routine to search for brain via UPNP and warn if other instances exist

Help & Support

Installation instructions and documentation is available at