Release Announcement


If you’re interested in a library that does Face Detection & Recognition, Motion Detection, and Object Detection then you definitely want to check out KENZY_IMAGE.

pip install kenzy-image

Builds [0.0.6] thru [0.0.9]

  • detector.analyze() now supports overrides to core setting by supplying the boolean values for detectFaces, detectObjects, and/or detectMotion directly to this function.
  • objDetectList now enables you to specify a list of objects to look for (must be one of the values in the object labels list).
  • Enabled –camera-device for cli calls to specify what device or RTSP stream to use as the source.
  • objModelType now enables yolo or ssd options for model usage. (YOLO leverages yolov7-tiny)
  • Default object detection model changed from MobileNet V3 SSD to Yolov7
  • Fixed spelling mistakes in documentation for option variables
  • Optimized hierarchy for image processing to improve overall performance and lag
  • Corrected error in –no-faces option that was preventing it from taking affect
  • Corrected error in bounding boxes when scale factor is larger than 1.0 (which is not recommended)
  • Corrected bad local import in main init()
  • Disabled optimization for processing individual faces rather than entire image due to multi-channel image issues
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