Release Announcement


  • Activity section on dashboard for info from cameras
  • Added external player call for playing wave and speech files
  • Data capture to kenzy.skillmanager.device -> history for all in/out of skill manager
  • Data capture to kenzy.skillmanager.device -> data for all current data (for reference in skills)
  • WatcherSkill for articulating what is captured on one or more kenzy.image devices
  • Callback Triggers for skills for non-speech activity (like kenzy.image)
  • Ability to set a custom name for built-in devices


  • Fixed bug in multi-location setup where all nodes activated when any node received command
  • Fixed bug in locations count on dashboard
  • Fixed errant text in dashboard about page
  • Fixed compatibility in setuptools deprecation notices
  • Fixed bug in ASK that forced timeout to occur before moving to next command
  • Locks, Covers, and Lights can be disabled/enabled as a group in the HomeAssistantSkill
  • Using the keyword “all” or plural form of lights, lamps, or fans in HomeAssistantSkill will toggle all lights/fans/lamps in the specified area
  • Stopped collect() from sending data until service registration is complete
  • Integrated kenzy-skills library on github for skills inventory and download
  • Updated docs for individual skills

Current version is 2.1.1

Install Kenzy with one line:

wget -q -O && sh

Read the documentation.