Release Announcement


Updates to resolve a few bugs and improve compatibility with smaller installs.


  • Added nickname option to devices/containers
  • Dependency on stt (a.k.a. “coqui” which is a replacement for deepspeech)
  • Added new parameters for Speaker to be able to integrate with mimic3


  • (CRITICAL) Fixed skill inclusion breaking runtime due to missing “create_skill()” attributes
  • Cleaned up documentation on inclusion of libraries (added python3-venv and removed traceback)
  • Corrected documentation on PyAudio library installation
  • (CRITICAL) Fixed inclusion of missing files in PyPi build
  • PyPi integrations updated and streamlined build
  • Modified versioning storage/processing
  • Updated to a basic README for PyPi download page
  • Multiple bugs fixed in KasaPlug for local, direct plug access
  • Bug fix for isAlive() to is_alive()
  • Renamed all objects to support “kenzy” (and related variants)
  • Updated “ask” function to start timeout after the originating utterence ends (rather than when it starts)
  • Documentation for installing on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (pyaudio and libfann source package installation workarounds)
  • Download Models option now defaults to tflite format and pulls the Coqui base models from the Coqui Model Zoo
  • Moved all request/response processing into Skills and removed hardcoded responses
  • Removed hard dependency on padatious library
  • Fixed bug in skills processing for multiple intents
  • Updated device callbacks to use the GenericDevice naming convention
  • Updated device settings to allow for store/update on the fly
  • Updated container settings to allow for store/update on the fly
  • Adjusted where version information is stored


  • Dependecy on deepspeech
  • Documentation dependency on padatious (libfann related issues for auto-build in readthedocs API)

Help & Support

Installation instructions and documentation is available at