Release Announcement


Updates to resolve a few bugs and improve compatibility with smaller installs.


  • You can now install kenzy with one command on the following Linux distributions:
    • Ubuntu (22.04+)
    • Debian (Buster)
    • Raspberry Pi OS (Buster)
wget -q -O && sh

Installer most likely will work with other Debian-based distributions or Ubuntu derivatives, but only the list above is certified to work with Kenzy.


  • Listener error trapping for invalid audio devices to report stopped status on failure
  • Watcher error trapping for invalid camera devices to report stopped status on failure
  • GenericContainer now saves core init() args to self.config and initialize() args to self.args

Other Items for Reference

  • The file is officially included in this release.
  • Cleaned up the and scripts
  • Added logo to the docs site

Help & Support

Installation instructions and documentation is available at